The best gay bars and discos of Torremolinos

You can already find in Together all gay bars and clubs of Torremolinos, so you know where to go when you approach this cozy town on the Costa del Sol.

In Togayther we do not stop, and in addition to opening this week the most exclusive gay shop network and a comprehensive guide to the LGBT associations of Andalusia, and we can complete the network of bars and clubs in Andalusia, with all gay venues gear you’ll find Torremolinos.

So if you plan to spend a few days in Torremolinos and do not know where to go, here you will not get bored. Almost all located in the area of La Nogalera, you will find from cafes open early afternoon to night clubs that close at dawn, where you can have a beer on the terrace or have a dance with your colleagues on the dancefloor to Madonna.

As there are many places where you can come every night, and maybe you can lose, here’s our proposal night out in the gay bars of Torremolinos.

  • The first glass can take it in Código, a gay bar located in the Nogalera, in a corner where let you see and watch the passing. And on Bars gays Torremolinostop for every drink / beer invite you to a shot (as in the rest of bars in this area). The public who frequents, depends on the day and time. So it can be a good start.
  • After the cup, the youngest and tourists, not the show offered every night at the club bar are lost Edén Copas. Artists known as Xenon or Satin Greco will make you have fun and have a good time while dancing topics more firecrackers.
  • If you get bored, or you want to know more places, Parthenon it may be a good choice. Very good music with music videos in a pub / disco full of people who loves to dance. Much guiri and people of all ages.
    And to end the night, you can choose from discos, clubs or parties each weekend are organized by these premises. Aqua Club and Centuryon are attracting more people but the latter is only open on Saturdays in winter.
You see, there are many gay bars and clubs in Torremolinos, to spend a night out, meeting people, dancing and enjoying the weekend. On the dayafter the gay rest in hotels of the city, you have the best gay beaches of Torremolinos to continue enjoying. We are ready. You sign up?

Raúl García

Amante de la música, los libros y la moda. Luchando por la igualdad en todos los ámbitos que nos rodean.

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