The 3 best gay restaurants in Torremolinos

Now is the good time, and make sure you’re wanting a getaway to enjoy the beach and give a tribute to one of these gay Torremolinos restaurants while watching the sea.

We offer a great plan to the seashore, where you’ll find 3 gay Torremolinos restaurants. Choose from a rich grilled sardines or creative new flavors packed lunch while you take a straw beer or cocktail in “Sex and the City” style enjoying the sun and good weather in the Malaga coast with one of our shirts so cool that we have in our store.

  • Restaurantes-Gay-de-Torremolinos-1The first gay restaurants that we bring is the oldest and best known. We are talking about Poseidon, located on the beach of Bajondillo. A classic not only in decor, where we recommend taking a Malaga frying or a good grilled sardines. We do not respond to the paella. They also have hammocks and a good bar service on the beach while sunbathing.
  • Gato Lounge is another of those who take time also in the Playa del Bajondillo. This time creative cocktails and tapas on the Paseo Maritimo. In summer you can also do on the beach with great service in hammocks and free wifi while you look at the guys who come together there.
  • The last to arrive and perhaps the more successful is Edén Beach Club. A restaurant, bar, disco, beach bar with music, kind and handsome waiters with fusion cuisine. From a sandwich, a drink, a coffee or bingo to thai food with touches of traditional French cuisine. In addition you will not get bored massage, animation, music and parties.

Well, you already have something to do this weekend plus a drink at any of the bars and discos you’ll find in Torremolinos. That’s not all night out baby!

Raúl García

Amante de la música, los libros y la moda. Luchando por la igualdad en todos los ámbitos que nos rodean.

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