Harry Potter becomes very grown

Harry Potter and the bloody legacy, the eighth installment of the adventures of the most famous wizard in the world arrives today at bookstores throughout Spain

Our favorite wizard has returned. Harry Potter arrives today at bookstores throughout Spain and Latin America to the excitement of fans eager to re-enter the magical world created by Rowling ago whopping 26 years.

The title of this release is ‘Harry Potter and the bloody legacy’ and the story begins 19 years after the seventh novel.

Harry is now a parent with a job in the Ministry of Magic and spells problems not be resolved: a short time, hard work and a complicated relationship with Albus Severus, and his younger son play’s protagonist.

This is the starting point on which turns the book and do not want to tell you anything else. Much better find out reading, right?

Harry Potter y el legado maldito

What we must know is that this book is not presented as a novel as above, but as the script for the stage show of the play which is represented in London’s West End since last July.

This play was conceived by J. K. Rowling along with the theater director John Tiffany and playwright Jack Thorne. A work like its predecessors has a huge success and for which there are no entries until the middle of next year.

Magical Data

To date they have been published seven books, with 450 million copies sold; there have been eight films, with 6,870 million revenue, the highest grossing ever for a film franchise; in addition, theme parks, video games and merchandising.

Every 30 seconds a new reader opens a book of Harry Potter

And do not worry if after reading the book you are wanting more magic, and that next November will premiere the film ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ scripted by J. K. Rowling and based on the spin-off namesake, and look forward to see.

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