Guadalkibear: the annual meeting of bears in Sevilla

2016 edition bears in Seville meeting to be held the first week of October, from 6 to 9 October approaches.

The Andalusian capital will become the meeting point of bears in Spain thanks to Guadalkibear, which last year had a great reception. Party in nightclubs, sauna, transvestites performances and beauty contests are some of the activities scheduled for the meeting. Like last year, there will be a boat ride with lots of fun activities to spend big.

Foto: Guadalkibear web
Foto: Guadalkibear web

This annual event bear in Seville has been already celebrating for many years and is convened by the friendly pub Men to Men, near the Alameda, to the many thick and hairy men to spend big move.

It is certainly a great opportunity for the city of Seville, thanks to the success of this annual call begins to position as a gay-friendly city. Moreover, we can not overemphasize the importance of gay tourism booming in recent years and one of the public spenders in their leisure breaks. The same Guadalkibear offers on its website a list of must-see historical monuments of Seville.


The Guadalkibear is one of the most important bears meetings across Europe, both in number of entries and the large number of visitors it attracts each year. Although outside the gay bear this annual event has little diffusion, increasingly it is opening more space between all kinds of people.

We will continue tuned for updates to update information and do not stay without being a bear Guadalkibear more in 2016.

If you have not yet decided to come to Guadalkibear, we encourage you to come and meet him!

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