Bombers jackets: how to wear it

The bombers have returned to stay. We advise how to wear it.

The bombers jackets had their heyday in the 80s, but jumped to fame in the 50s with movies like «Rebel Without a Cause» James Dean or Marlon Brando.

cazadoras bombers
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This season has become a «must have» or a basic cabinet many guys have. The truth is great to come halftime, when it’s cold at night but hot day as the first or fall.

The problem with these jackets «rockabilly» perhaps know how to combine them, but tranquis we tell you the best options for you to be really cute 😉

  • With jeans: is the garment that best combines this jacket look good and give you a relaxed and casual touch. Perfect for a Friday night.
  • With trousers: You can combine them with a bomber for a look over day. You have a formal but not boring look.
  • Always better with a basic T-shirt and never ever with shirt. Of course, if the bomber has printed a shirt of a smooth color and vice versa.
  • Never choose bigger: if you choose a larger size to yours will be fatal because the patent on the sleeves must remain in place, wrists 😉
  • As for footwear, better take them with sneakers or boots outside his trousers.

Many celebrities are regulars at these jackets as Bradley Cooper and Kanye West. The latter has gone one step further and has designed his own.

cazadoras bombers
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cazadoras bombers
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You know that fashions always come back, so if you have any bomber to house from past seasons, you can use now that are back in fashion.

There are bombers more sport, more serious, with buttons, zippers, different fabrics … well, there are many options for you to choose. And, large fashion chains are betting big this season for the bombers, so sure you find the one you like best or that best suits you 🙂

Cazadoras bombers
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